Windshield damage is sometimes unavoidable, and when it happens the situation occurs, the best method is to get a windshield crack repair kit. However, the question remains which kit is the best, and in what situations should one be used? The first step is to understand more about the dangers of windshield cracks. Only then, can we review the most popular kits to determine the best one for your situation.

When are windshield crack repair kits useful?

It can be inconvenient and quite expensive to replace a windshield. Because of this, the popularity of windshield crack repair kits has increased. The kits are able to save both time, and expense, and with correct usage it can provide results that are near professional grade. The question is, when does repairing your crack yourself make sense?

Usually, daily windshield damage is localized and small. The damage can result from objects hitting the windshield, even major shifts in temperature. Either way, if damage is localized to a small area, the option of a windshield repair kit may be viable. In order for the kit to be the best for your situation, the following criteria must be met

  • The chip/crack is not showing extensive amounts of spidering
  • The chip/crack is no larger than two inches
  • The chip/crack is not near the edge

If your situation falls under the above criteria, the use of a windshield repair kit can save time and money, while stopping additional damage. But, if your chip/crack is spidering or is larger than two inches, using a professional is the best option.

How to use a windshield repair kit

Using a repair kit is not hard, and can easily be done by reading the instructions from the manufacturer. Generally, the instructions are easy to follow, and the kits include everything needed for repairing the crack. Below is a basic process used by most kits:

  • Clean damaged area using a dry cloth and razor blade
  • Place adhesive piece around damage (when using pedestal kit)
  • Place applicator over damage (with either a pedestal or break kit)
  • Fill applicator with resin, allowing it to sit
  • Remove applicator with resin being covered by curing film
  • Resin cures by direct sunlight for several minutes
  • At last, both the film and any extra resin gets removed using the razor blade

As can be seen, the kits are simple to use, but which kits are the best?

Best brands that were reviewed

  1. Rain X’s – Fix a Windshield

This kit has a high rating and includes everything you will need to repair windshield damage. The kit includes: resin, curing strips, break, and razor blade. By using this kit, you will save money and repair your windshield quickly. Below are the main features it offers:

  • Great for multiple repairs
  • Works on cracks up to 12 inches, and round chips up to 1 inch
  • Minimizes the look of damage
  • Special system removes air from break
  • Can easily be found at major retailers

The low price of this kit is another amazing feature as it ranges from $10.97 to $15.75. You’re also able to purchase it on, along with auto part stores, and most major retailers. It’s great for any small or large crack, and save you from an expensive repair bill. You can learn more about the Fix a Windshield repair kit by visiting the Rain-X website.

  1. Permatex Bullseye Kit

This kit varies from other styles as it makes use of a pedestal and adhesive pad rather than a suction cup break. Some prefer using this type of repair kit, while others prefer using a traditional break. In either case, the kit is worth mentioning due to the deign being different compared to the industry standard. Below are some of the main features:

  • Can be used to easily repair bullseye and star cracks up to 1 ¼ inches
  • Offers a single component crack repair
  • Uses specialized resin for blending with standard windshields
  • Ensures a sturdy repair using the locking plunger
  • No heat or special mixing required

Starting around $10, this kit comes in at a fraction of the cost of a professional repair. However, it is harder to find as it’s not sold at major retailers. It can usually be found at major auto part stores, or online websites such as While it’s not designed for large cracks, it is great for smaller repairs that you want to be nearly invisible. Permatex says the resin used has the same refraction levels as standard windshields, making it hard to see any repairs. You can check out the Permatex website to learn more.

  1. Blue Star DIY Repair System

This repair kit is one of the easiest out there to use for do it yourself repairs, even those that may be nervous when it comes to doing their own repair. The kit includes the resin syringe, pedestal and adhesive pad all in a single piece, making it simple to complete the repair. The following are some main features:

  • It’s more simple to use compared to other kits
  • It’s in expense
  • Helps to prevent damage from small objects like stones from spreading further
  • Makes use of penetrating resin cured in sunlight
  • Brings windshield back to a near new condition with repair being nearly invisible

If you are hesitant about repairing your own windshield, the Blue Star Do it Yourself Windshield Repair kit appears to be a great option. The price begins at $8.24, which is less than similar products. The best method for getting this kit is ordering it online, as there are not many retailers that carry the product. You can buy the kit directly through the Bluestar website, and learn more on there as well.

Try using a windshield repair kit

You do not have to spend a bunch to get your windshield repaired, and it doesn’t need to be complicated. If the windshield only has a small crack, you should not stress over repairing it yourself. You are able to use a windshield repair kit to complete the repair easily and quickly while saving you money.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is just for guidance. If you’re not sure, you should always speak with a specialist first. If you live in the Tempe area and need windshield cracks or chips fixed by a professional, contact TS Auto Glass today at (480) 345-8990 / (602) 667-3030 / (623) 878-5566.