Foggy Windows & How To Fix Them

Have you ever been behind schedule and jumped in your car only to find that your windows are so fogged up that you can’t see? That layer of condensation didn’t just happen by chance. The cause for foggy windows is something that’s easy to understand. Depending on why it is happening it can be very simple, or a bit of a challenge to fix.

Why Widows Get Foggy

Foggy windows are the evidence that there is too much water in the air in your car. Depending on the temperature outside it can condensate on the inside of your windows. When the temperature outside of your car is lower than the inside the humid air will cause condensation. An easy way to think about it is when we see our breath on cold days. When we exhale the air coming out is near 100% humidity. We only see it because it’s cold and our breath is warm and carries a lot of water in it.

The causes of increased humidity can be things like wet clothing being worn in the car during rain storms, the breath of passengers, wet floor mats, and leaky seals on the doors or windows. Even carrying a hot pizza home increases the moisture in the vehicle and can cause fog.

How To Get Rid Of Foggy Windows

Clearly you can’t drive if the fog is too bad. When the windows are fogged up its best to flip on your defrosters in the front and rear and crank up the heat. You might notice that when you hit your defrost buttons that your air conditioning will kick on. It does this to help remove the humidity from the air in your vehicle.

While warm air carries with it some humidity it is the relative humidity that affects foggy windows more. The warm dry air that comes out of the defroster clears fog much quicker than cold air.  If you usually use the recirculation feature in your climate control you will want to flip it over to use fresh air. Fresh air contains less humidity because our breath continues to add moisture when the air is being recycled through our vehicle.

Steps To Remove Excess Moisture

If there has been a lot of water in the vehicle due to open windows during storms, lots of wet clothes on seats, spilled drinks or leaking seals you will need to take further steps to remove the water. These are a few solutions to help get rid of the water and keep your windows defogged.

Use a dehumidifier – Placing a dehumidifier in your vehicle to help remove the moisture from the air can help cut down on the severity and frequency of your car fogging up.

Air your vehicle out – Having a few hours on a sunny day where you will be able to keep an eye on your car will help a lot of the moisture escape out of the windows.

Keep windows clean – Clean windows help us see better, and help prevent the accumulation of fog. The dust and dirt particles on the windows give the molecules of water in the air a surface to attach to.

Get the seals checked – If problems are persisting there is a chance that the seals on your doors, windows, or other areas of your vehicle aren’t effectively keeping the rain out. When water collects in the vehicle or the trunk it increases the humidity in the vehicle and can be very problematic. Get your seals checked and if your carpet is wicking or soaked you might consider getting it replaced.

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