How Much Does It Cost To Replace Sunroof Glass
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How Much Does It Cost To Replace Sunroof Glass?

The average cost of a sunroof replacement is $500. Sunroof replacement costs ranged from $250 to $750 in the US for 2019, according to axeladvisor. Please keep reading to learn more.

Research shows 37% of vehicles sold in the US have a sunroof. As an increasingly popular feature, a sunroof is a nice amenity that allows ventilation and light in on a warm, sunny day.

Sunroof Repair Cost

When a vehicle’s sunroof is damaged or suddenly fails, the overhead opening can allow water and moisture to enter the passenger area if it is stuck in the open position. Vandalism, accidents, falling objects, and other incidents can easily damage a sunroof. When a problem occurs with a sunroof, it can be very expensive to repair.

The average cost to replace a manual pop-up sunroof ranges from around $250 up to $750. This cost includes parts and labor. The exact fee depends on local rates, the size of the sunroof that is being installed, and the materials used. The make and model of the vehicle can also affect the cost because of any or modifications or special requirements needed to make the sunroof fit and operate properly.

Top Mount Sunroof

A top-mount spoiler sunroof has a glass panel that tilts and slides beside the outside of the vehicle’s roof. This type of sunroof typically costs between $700 and $1,200 to replace, including parts and installation, depending on the model and make of the vehicle.

Motor Powered Moonroof

A moonroof is powered by a motor and is another popular version power-operated sliding glass panel that slides on rails installed between the vehicle’s metal roof and interior headliner. The most popular type of sunroof installed on a lot of new cars is also the costliest to replace. Replacement costs start around $1,000 and can run as high as $2,000.

Sunroof Cost Breakdown

Cleaning Drainage Area

Replacing the Glass

Replace Broken Track or Cable

Replacing the Motor

Moonroof Replacement

$80 to $150

$300 to $400

$500 to $800

$200 to $500

$1,000 to $2,000

Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance policies typically don’t cover a sunroof as a single item. The glass on a vehicle is normally insured by the policy’s comprehensive coverage. This coverage includes the windshield, side windows, and sunroof. Even though they are made from glass, this part of the policy does not include damage to headlights or mirrors.

It doesn’t matter what the cause, claims for damaged glass are always filed under comprehensive coverage, which only covers glass. The collision part of the policy covers the vehicle’s body damage. If the car and the sunroof were damaged in a collision, the vehicle would be covered under the collision part, while the comprehensive portion would pay to replace the sunroof.


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