Absolutely! According to Arizona State Law (ARS 20-469), you have the right to choose any glass repair company you wish for your vehicle’s repair needs. You do not have to use the auto glass shop recommended by your insurance company. At T&S Auto, we have many years of experience working with all insurance providers, so we know the ins and outs of billing them directly for any service that we provide to you.

We work with all insurance companies and are a preferred auto glass repair facility for many of them. Insurance companies have preferred vendors because some of them will give large discounts to the insurance companies. Do your research, read the reviews, and get the quality and service you deserve. After all, you are paying the premiums each month, get the service you deserve and have already paid for and just because the insurance company is footing the bill doesn’t mean you should settle for quality or service.

Not all auto insurance plans do, however if you have comprehensive insurance – such as required for leased cars or cars that you are paying off a loan on – then you most likely do have glass coverage included in that plan. Arizona law also mandates that comprehensive plans include coverage for glass claims. If you are just paying liability insurance on your vehicle, then it is likely you do not have coverage through your auto insurance company, but it is possible- and generally inexpensive – to have it added to your policy if you wish.
When choosing T&S Auto Glass you can rest assured that only quality products to be installed by certified technicians. We promise to do everything we can to treat you and your vehicle with the care you deserve. You can have peace of mind in knowing that when you use T&S Auto Glass that you are being taken care of by the best auto glass professionals in Arizona.
The good news is no, it will not! Arizona law states that insurance premiums cannot be increased on the basis of an accident that wasn’t your fault – including glass claims – and that also covers accidents which only damage your vehicle glass; such as gravel hitting your windshield, vandalism, or even if one of Arizona’s fierce monsoon storms dumps hail on your windshield and causes the damage that way. In Arizona coverage for the windshield is automatically added to insurance policies. This means you should never hesitate to use your insurance to replace a windshield because it is something you are already paying a small premium for.
No. We are experts when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. We will first verify with your insurer that you have the appropriate insurance coverage, and from there, we will handle all of the forms and details, leaving you free to simply set an appointment with our expert auto glass technicians and receive your professional repair service. Call us first – it may be the only call you need to make.
We at T&S Auto Glass offer the best of our services, tools, and techniques when we repair cracks and chips. These damages can almost always be fixed, unless the damage is larger that a 50-cent piece or is in the driver’s direct line of sight.
The average windshield replacement takes anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half depending on the vehicle. The vehicle must sit for at least an hour before the urethane is cured and it is safe to drive.
No. T&S Auto Glass is a full-service glass repair facility and we are qualified to replace any glass in your vehicle including driver/passenger-side windows, rear glass, headlights, etc. Please give us a call for a free estimate, for whatever your need!
OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer are products that are made to exact specifications as the original parts from the manufacturer. This ensures that the equipment will work as well as the original did. If aftermarket products are used they still will work, but never to the degree as OEM products.
No, there is no need, we will fully assist you in filing your claim, coverage verification and helping your schedule your appointment with a single call.
Yes, (ARS 20-264) Arizona law states that auto insurance companies must offer auto glass replacement insurance with $0 deductible. Arizona Department of Insurance states that insurance companies must offer separate auto glass endorsement coverage that only costs about $10 a month on average (ARS 20-263). In addition this means that auto insurance agencies can’t raise your insurance rates due to an auto glass claim due to a no fault accident.
No, and one of our auto glass agents will be available to help you file your auto glass claim in needed.
Yes and no. Certain insurance agencies are covering Original Equipment Manufacturer glass. OEM glass is usually only covered by the insurance company if the vehicle is brand new. Meaning that the vehicle is the current model year. Many times you it is up to you if you want to pay the difference between what your insurance company offers and what it will cost for the OEM windshield. In either case, TS Auto Glass in Tempe, AZ will attempt to replace your auto glass with OEM. If that isn’t possible we find the best quality that your insurance company will pay for to repair your vehicle. You can also choose to pay the difference between what your insurance company will pay, and what an OEM windshield will cost.
Most customers are not aware that they are allowed to pick any body shop of their choosing. Auto Insurance companies recommend certain body shops they know do cheap repairs and save the insurance agency money. Do your research and find auto body repair reviews online in your area to find the best collision repair shop.
Yes, Arizona law states that you have the right to select any windshield or auto glass repair facility. Think about it, even the insurance company is choosing whoever they want. The insurance companies are actually obligated by law to let you know that you are allowed to choose the glass repair facility of your choosing. Don’t just go with the company they prefer, do your own research.
If your insurance agency is not willing to pay for your auto glass repair or replacement we can still help. We offer affordable auto glass repair and windshield replacement services that will fit almost any budget.
No, if your windshield crack is too big, you will have to have it replaced by law. It is against the law to drive with a cracked windshield in Arizona. See “How long can you drive with a cracked windshield in Arizona?
No, they cannot force you, but they will prefer you repair your auto glass windshield as the repairing will save time and money and also keep the original seal of the factory intact. When the size of the repair of the windshield is less than a dollar bill, it is strongly recommended by the insurance company to have it repaired and not replaced.
Auto glass claims usually only take about 15 minutes or so to file. Our auto glass experts are happy to help you with this process as well. This means that the hardest part for you is simply scheduling the appointment.
Yes, most insurance companies will allow re-tinting of windows as part of the auto glass claim.
There a lot of insurance companies that will fix a rock chip without applying a deductible. This is most common whenever you have comprehensive insurance. If you only have liability insurance, like is common on older or vehicles that are paid off, you probably will have to pay for the rock chip repair yourself. The best course of action is to swing by and let the pros take a look at the damage and give you better advise on how to repair it, and if your insurance will cover the cost. Luckily rock chips aren’t very costly, but will help prevent the windshield from cracking further.