If you’re searching “How To Fix Common RV Windshield Problems” this post is for you!  Owning and traveling in an RV is a lot of fun and a great way to get out and see the country.  Having problems with the windshield during your adventures can ruin the fun, ruin the trip, and be downright unsafe.

RV Windshield Cracks

Like all auto glass RV windshields can crack and have the possibility of spidering across the entire surface.   Cracks are caused by debris hitting the windshield, excessive heat, incorrect installation, and other issues.  If you have a cracked RV windshield don’t risk your safety or the safety of other motorists.  Some cracks are small enough that they can be repaired, others require windshield replacement to guarantee your safety.

RV Windshield Chipping

When stones, rocks, nuts, bolts and other debris is flipped up and lands on your windshield at 65 miles per hour it can leave a chip in your windshield.  While it might seem like a small issue a chip can easily turn into a crack which can end up requiring a windshield replacement.  Getting your windshield chips repaired promptly can avoid more involved or costly repairs.  It is quick, easy, and inexpensive.

RV Windshields Popping Out

One of the most common windshield problems is the windshield pops out.  This can be a serious safety issue if you’re on the highway and the windshield seal fails.  There are a few common causes for RV windshields to pop out, see below for a list of them.

Poor Design

Occasionally the RV manufacturer does not test for road conditions and will not leave enough room between the glass and the interior of the RV.  If the glass is bouncing into the dash while you’re driving it is testing and weakening the seals.

Mother Nature

Wind is a powerful force and it gets even more powerful at freeway speeds.  This puts an enormous amount of pressure on windshields. In RV’s the windshield is typically almost vertical which puts even more pressure on it and degrade the windshield seals that hold your windshield in place.

Windshield Seals

Windshield seals along with sealant are the only things holding the glass in place and apart from high winds and poor design they age with time.  In contrast to major auto manufacturers RV’s are largely hand assembled without the aid of advanced computer aided design or fabrication.  This means that windshields and their seals generally need replacement more often than standard passenger vehicles.

Chassis Flex

The chassis is the frame that the entire RV is built on.  If it flexes the entire RV can come out of shape and the windshield can pop out of place.  This isn’t typically something that happens unless a wheel of the RV goes off the road.  Many believe that independent front suspension RV coaches help alleviate this issue.  Two more fixes to help with chassis flex are installing cross bracing or adding extra supports to the windshield frame.

Improper Level Jacking

For RV’s that don’t have automatic jacking it is possible to improperly jack your RV up and pop the windshield out.  Much like chassis flex improper jacking causes the vehicle to flex, change shape, and can mean the windshield comes loose.

Bad Windshield Replacement

You might have bought your RV secondhand as a lot of people do.  There is no way of knowing the full history of any vehicle or RV and there is a chance that the windshield has been replaced. This opens up the possibility of cheap glass having been installed or poor workmanship in the installation.

Wrong Size Windshield

One of the common mistakes that some RV windshield glass replacement companies make is using the wrong size windshield.  Even the opening for windshields in RVs vary as they are largely hand assembled which leaves the possibility that the glass was never big or small enough.  There are occasions where glass has to be custom fit and shaved down to fit perfectly into RVs.

Phoenix Valley RV Windshield Replacement

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