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Keeping vans and commercial trucks safe with big rig windshield care tips.

Most big rigs are built for strength and endurance. Although, if you are currently driving a van or commercial truck you know that there are risks you’ll be faced against while driving all those highway mile, a lot more mile than the average driver would take.

T & S Auto Glass knows how to repair and replace big rig and commercial truck windshields. Our professionals will ensure you’re out there on the road and driving safe.

Why is caring for big rig windshields different from regular cars?

It’s not all that different actually. There are actually pretty similar.

  • Drivers are trained to not follow other big rigs so that they dont get hit by the flying rocks on low-quality roads and highways.
  • Your windshield chips and cracks in a big rig are nearly the same as well, just bigger
  • Drivers are also trained to park in safer areas, far away from potential hazards or vandals.

One of the major differences though, is the type of commercial insurance you have to carry. Most commercial vehicles must be in great shape to be drive, and most insurance companies have it written in their business vehicle insurance policies that the windshield in a commercial vehicle cannot be cracked or chipped.

How much does replacing big rig windshields compare to replacing car windshields?

Replacing big rig windshields cost more because stronger windshields are built for cargo vans, buses, semi truck and other types of larger commercial vehicles.

Although, if you only have a crack or chip in your big rig windshield, you might be in luck. Fixing cracks and chips is the same process for any type of vehicle, especially if the cracks and chips are nearly the same size.

Do you have any big rig service plans?

Yes, Contact T & S Auto Glass today to speak with one of our representatives about setting up a service plan for your big rig windshield care needs.

We can help give you peace of mind when it comes to taking care of your rigs and their windshields.