Sunroof or Moon Roof
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Sunroof or Moonroof?

If you’re searching for “sunroof or moonroof” or “what is the difference between a sunroof and a moon roof”, this post will help!

A lot of vehicle shoppers often use the wording moonroof and sunroof very loosely, but there are differences between the tow. Sunroofs are manufactured out of glass and/or metal and is a panel that is installed inside the roofs of a cars, trucks, or SUVs that slides opened or pops-up that allows sunlight and air into the vehicles cabin. Moonroof’s are typically a tinted and/or clear glass panel that slides between the roof and the vehicles headliner and is usually tilted open to let fresh air in. Both help make the interior feel more open and roomier. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Sunroof?

To detail further on the differences between sunroofs and a moonroofs, this post begins with the traditional sunroof. Sunroofs are an opaque panel that is installed on the top of the vehicle and will match the vehicle’s body color. It can be tilted open or removed allowing sunlight and fresh air to enter the cabin while traveling.

What is a Moonroof?

Moonroofs are a type of sunroof, but its primary difference is that it is made of glass and is unable be removed from the vehicle. Some are able to slide or tilt open, letting light and fresh air come in. Moonroofs have a sliding interior panel that slides open, providing you access to the moonroof itself. This panel is going to match the vehicle’s interior color, so it flows smoothly with the rest of the vehicle.

What Are Panoramic Roof Systems?

Now that you know “what’s are differences between sunroofs and moonroofs,” and now it’s “what is a panoramic roof system”. A more favorable vehicle roof option is the panoramic roof.  Its offered as an available choice on most conventional vehicles or as a standard feature on a lot of luxury vehicles. They come with several panels in the roof, in which they are either functional or fixed. Allowing front and rear passengers alike to open their panels individually so they are able to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight during their weekend drives or commute to work.

Sunroof and Moonroof Repair & Replacement In Phoenix & Chandler

If you have a damaged sunroof or moonroof T&S Auto Glass can help you fix it for little to no cost to you.  Arizona drivers that have full coverage car insurance many times are able to get free sunroof and moonroof replacement.  It’s easy to schedule a time to come to our shop for repair or we offer mobile windshield repair in Chandler or anywhere in the Phoenix Valley.  When you have a damaged sunroof or moonroof trust the pros at T&S Auto Glass.

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