How To Get Free Windshield Replacement In Tempe, AZ

Arizona has special laws and policies when it comes to auto glass replacement and repair. Some cities in Arizona are even eligible to purchase separate auto glass coverage that covers your windshield repairs for free, without having to pay your deductible. Some coverage’s in Arizona even cover windshield replacement for free. Also see below for a list of other states that have free windshield replacement.

What cities in Arizona offer Free Windshield Repairs?

Insurance paid for, free windshield replacement is available in Peoria, Tempe, Avondale, Mesa, Gilbert, Flagstaff, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Chandler, Arizona.

If you have comprehensive coverage and purchase the auto glass endorsement you will not need to pay a deductible when you replace your windshield.

Do I need To Pay A Deductible If I’m Replacing The Entire Windshield?

Depending on the type of insurance you have, you may or may not need to pay a deductible. Usually any repair to a chip or crack will be completely covered without the need to pay a deductible. Although, if you are replacing the entire windshield, you may have to still pay. It all depends on the type of comprehensive coverage you have and if you purchase the auto glass endorsement or not.

How To Make An Auto Glass Claim?

Here is how you start the auto glass claim process with you insurance company.

  1. Call your insurance company to start the claim
  2. Prepare details about the incident for questioning
  3. The insurance company will go over you policy with you and explain what’s covered and what’s not

If you have the right coverage, your agency will arrange for repairs with an auto glass company. Some auto glass companies are even going mobile and can come to your home or office for the repair. Most claims are usually completed within 48 hours.

With help from auto insurance coverage, getting a windshield replacement has never been cheaper or easier. If you need windshield replacement in Tempe, AZ call TS Auto Glass today.

Department Of Transportation Laws on Winshield Replacement

Windshield Regulations

The U.S. Department of Transportation set forth the minimum standards for the condition of windshields. The level of visibility is the deciding factor and must be enforced by each state. The area above and around the steering wheel must be free from damage. This area is defined as inch out on either side of the steering wheel and two inches from the top of the windshield. A single crack is permitted in this area, but it must have no intersecting cracks.

Free Windshield Replacement Laws

The laws set up by each state control the way in which insurance companies are required to provide service to their customers. In some states insurance companies are required to cover the entire cost of windshield replacement. This can be the case even if you have a deductible for other types of automotive repairs. These laws are usually only applicable for vehicles covered by comprehensive automotive policies. If you only have liability on your vehicle you probably are not covered for a free windshield.

If you don’t have comprehensive coverage or you live in a state that does not have windshield replacement laws you will more than likely be forced to pay your deductible.

State Regulations

State regulations must be as stringent, or more so. Each state’s Department of Transportation sets their own standards for what is legal to drive with. There are states which leave the judgment of obstructed windshields up to law enforcement officers. Many states regulate the way that insurance companies provide insurance to residents. There are a total of 6 states in the United States that force insurance companies to provide zero deductible windshield replacements. These include Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, New York, Massachusetts, and South Carolina. Each has their own details regarding windshield replacement.

New York – It is allowed for insurance companies to offer insurance that include zero deductible windshield replacements. Pay attention and ask questions when signing up for insurance and ask specifically about if their coverage extends to zero deductible windshield replacement.

Kentucky – This state has a law preventing insurance companies from charging residents for windshield replacement. There’s no reason to drive around with a cracked windshield when it won’t cost you but a little time. Kentucky has laws that extend this coverage to all of the glass in the vehicle. So if a side window, vent window, or rear window is damaged, you are still covered.

Florida – Florida residents are also lucky in that the state has passed laws that there is a zero deductible to get windshields replaced. This does not cover other glass in the vehicle, such as side windows or the rear glass.

South Carolina – If you have a comprehensive auto policy in the state of South Carolina you will likely be eligible for free windshield replacement. South Carolina has laws that extend this coverage to all of the glass in the vehicle. So if a side window, vent window, or rear window is damaged, you are still covered.

Massachusetts – While a lot of people think that there is a law for zero deductibles in Massachusetts it can be a little confusing. There are free windshield replacement opportunities, but much like Arizona, you must purchase separate auto glass coverage on your policy.

Free Windshield Replacement Requirements

A lot of people who have paid off vehicles choose to only carry liability insurance. This satisfies the state minimum for insurance, but leaves motorists only covered for damage they do with their vehicle, not damage that is done to their vehicle. For free windshield replacement, even in states that have laws, motorists must have a comprehensive policy. This is many times the case when vehicles are still financed as full coverage is required by most lenders.

Check the details of coverage even when purchasing a comprehensive policy as some plans require additional purchases to cover free windshield replacement.