Golf Ball Strikes Windshield
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Golf Ball Strikes Windshield!

Fore! If you play golf or live on or near a golf course, your windshield is at risk for being damaged by an errant golf ball. Read on to learn more!

Car Insurance Claim

If you have comprehensive coverage on your car insurance, you can file a claim. Your comprehensive deductible will apply. If the damage sustained to the vehicle is lower than the deductible.

Insurance Rates

Many insurers start surcharging if you file three comprehensive claims in a three year period,but some insurance carriers surcharge for all claims. It is best to check with your insurance carrier to verify how they handle surcharging for different types of claims.


The deductible can be a cheaper way to go for the person who caused the damage if they are willing to step forward and assist. Unfortunately, you are going to have a hard time forcing the at-fault person to pay up. If they are unwilling to take responsibility, you will be on your own—unless you want to pursue the issue in small claims court.

Homeowner’s Policy

The at-fault party can file a claim on their homeowner’s policy for liability if the incident occurred on their property. Many home policies do not have a deductible on liability. However, the surcharge on a home policy can be steep at your next renewal due to filing a claim, and this surcharge can last three years on home insurance policies.


T&S Auto Glass Offers Replacement Windshields in Chandler

When you’re looking for the best windshield repair & replacement in Phoenix, T&S Auto Glass is here to help!  We offer mobile windshield repair anywhere in the Phoenix Valley for your convenience and at our shop in Chandler, AZ.  If you’ve got a cracked windshield, chipped windshield, or need any other type of auto glass repair service call our friendly and professional team.

When To Replace Your Windshield
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Don’t Make These Windshield Replacement Mistakes

No-one wants a broken windshield. But trying to save money instead of replacing it correctly may endanger your health and be a further expense. Read on to learn more.

Ignoring the Problem

A simple chip in the glass can turn into a crack over some time. You might want to wait to get a windshield replacement to save some cash. In fact, it costs you less to get a replacement right away than prolong it and pay for worse damages. Besides, the longer you wait to replace your windshield, the higher the risk of the car roof collapsing, since the windshield is what holds it in place.

Replacing the Windshield At-Home Without a Professional’s Help

Some people think that they can replace their own windshield at home without any expert’s help. But let us be honest, you have no idea what you are doing. First, you cannot be 100% sure the windshield you ordered is new other than the claim of the individual you ordered it from. Second, you do not have the tools it takes to put a windshield in place on your own the way professional auto glass shops do.

Using DIY Auto Glass Repair Kits Instead of Replacing the Damaged Glass

Similarly, some people try the Do It Yourself (DIY) method. Though, while these might work for the smallest of windshield damages, they do not work on big damaged windshields. Attempting to use a DIY kit instead of getting a windshield replacement is not going to fix anything. Even if the kit hides the problem for a while, the problem will still be there.

Using Crazy Glue and/or Nail Polish to Keep the Broken Glass Together

Some drivers have the oh-so-brilliant idea to use crazy glue or nail polish to fix their windshield. Yet, using crazy glue on your broken windshield is not going to keep it in place. Sure, you stuck two broken pieces together, but the glass is still weak, and it will bend and shatter if not dealt with properly. Same thing with nail polish.


T&S Auto Glass Offers Replacement Windshields in Chandler

When you’re looking for the best windshield repair & replacement in Phoenix, T&S Auto Glass is here to help!  We offer mobile windshield repair anywhere in the Phoenix Valley for your convenience and at our shop in Chandler, AZ.  If you’ve got a cracked windshield, chipped windshield, or need any other type of auto glass repair service call our friendly and professional team.

Windshield Chip Repair Cost
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How Much Does Windshield Chip Repair Cost?

How Much Does Windshield Chip Repair Cost?

The average windshield chip repair cost is $35 with the average cost to fix a chipped windshield or window ranging from $10 to $60 in 2020, according to Your estimated price depends on the type of chip and its location. The service technician comes to your vehicle, and typically charges a little more than in-shop work; plus $10-$25 for each additional chip.

Angie’sList says some customers are paying upwards of $70 to $238 to repair a windshield chip.

According to AxleAddict, windshield chip repair costs about $65 to reduce the likelihood of the chip turning into a crack.

A chipped windshield can happen so fast you do not always see it at first.

Repairing a Chipped Vehicle Windshield

Debris and dust are removed from your chipped windshield by either cleaning or drilling. Once a smooth line is created, a resin is injected, cured, and buffed to restore your vehicle’s glass to a clean, transparent appearance. It’s usually a good idea to leave your repair to professionals for quick, budget-friendly service.

Do I Repair or Replace my Chipped Windshield?

Chipped windshields of all sizes and shapes can easily be repaired. Chips in the shape of horseshoes, craters, and stars can definitely be repaired if they are not too wide. The location of the chip and timespan from when the chip occurred, are important factors in deciding whether or not your chip needs to be repaired or your entire windshield replaced.
Cracks that expands past three inches usually require you to replace the windshield. Windshield replacement is also advisable for windshields with chips that obscure your line of sight. It’s best to address a chipped windshield once it occurs. Over time, dirt and dust will build up in a chip, making it harder to repair.

Advantages of Windshield Chip Repair

If our experts determine your windshield chip can be repaired, it can save you a lot of money from an expensive windshield replacement.
Repairing your auto windshield chip is convenient. Most repairs from glass repair companies can usually be made in under an hour, and your vehicle insurance or warranty provider will often cover the cost and waive the deductible.

Repairing your vehicle’s windshield chip is more affordable in comparison to the cost of replacing the entire windshield.Repairing your auto windshield also helps protect the environment. Damaged windshields often end up in overfilled landfills.

T&S Auto Glass Offers Windshield Chip Repair in Chandler

For auto windshield chip repair in Chandler, call us today to schedule an appointment! We also offer windshield replacement.

When To Replace Your Windshield
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When To Replace Your Windshield

Your windshield is your cars primary restraint serving as protection from the outside and from the inside. It is made from two layers of glass bonded together with lamination or vinyl. The vinyl holds everything in place should the windshield break. Therefore it is vital not to compromise on it. Read on to learn more.

Location Of The Crack

Cracks located at the edge of the windshield have a tendency to spread quickly and weaken the structural integrity of the glass. If the crack hasn’t spread yet, repair is possible. Otherwise, replacement is recommended. The worst location for a crack is directly in the driver’s line of sight. In such case, immediate replacement is necessary since repairing can cause glass distortion and distortion in any degree is dangerous.

Size Of The Crack

Many windshield repair shops are capable of repairing cracks up to three inches long, and rock chips that are no bigger than the size of a quarter (around one inch in diameter). If it’s bigger than that, the recommendation will be replacement. Unless it’s one of those few facilities which have advanced equipment and make use of special techniques, then it will be possible to repair wider chips and cracks that are up to 12 inches long.

Severity Of Damage

If your windshield has more than three cracks or a very deep crack, replace. If your vehicle was involved in a major collision, or was hit by a large object, replacement is recommended because a major impact will most often result in weakening of your windshield’s glass and supporting frame.


Regardless of the characteristics of the crack, the common consensus is to have it dealt with as soon as possible. If not, dirt and moisture can accumulate in the damaged area, making its condition worse. And then you’ll have no choice but to have your windshield replaced when initially, repair should have been sufficient.


T&S Auto Glass Offers Replacement Windshields in Chandler

When you’re looking for the best windshield repair & replacement in Phoenix, T&S Auto Glass is here to help!  We offer mobile windshield repair anywhere in the Phoenix Valley for your convenience and at our shop in Chandler, AZ.  If you’ve got a cracked windshield, chipped windshield, or need any other type of auto glass repair service call our friendly and professional team.

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How Much Does Windshield Repair & Replacement Cost?

Windshield Chip Repair Cost

How Much Does Windshield Repair & Replacement Cost? Windshield repair & replacement costs about $172 for windshield repair & replacement with average prices of windshield repair & replacement ranging from $20 for windshield repair & replacement to $325 for windshield repair & replacement in the US for 2020, according to

The National Windshield Repair Association reports that the average cost for a windshield replacement is around $350, while average windshield repair may cost about $99—and these costs will differ based on the damage.

Most people don’t know that insurance companies in Arizona actually offer auto glass insurance. Your windshield can be replaced entirely for free. T&S Auto Glass works very closely with most auto insurance companies and can help assist in making your auto glass claim.

Will My Insurance Cover The Cost Of My Windshield Repair Or Replacement?

A lot of vehicle owners don’t know that in a lot of cases their insurance company covers some or all of the cost for repair or replacement. T&S Auto Glass works with virtually all major car insurance companies.  We help you submit your claim for windshield repair or windshield replacement.

See your options below:

Windshield Is Repairable

1. The Windshield Is Repairable

In most cases, your insurance company will pay for windshield chips to be repaired.   This means you could schedule mobile windshield repair and kick back at home or keep focused at the office while your damage is repaired at little or no cost!

Windshield Not Repairable

2. The Windshield Needs Replacing

If you’ve got insurance it will usually cover some if not all of the cost to replace your windshield.  It’s necessary to replace them if there is a crack or severe enough damage that repair isn’t possible.  How much you’ll pay depends on if you have a deductible, your policy, and the state your vehicle is insured in.

Will I Have To Pay Any Additional Costs To Have My Windshield Repaired Or Replaced?

Some insurance companies will charge a deductible depending on how much damage and what type of vehicle you own. You are responsible for any amount that your insurance doesn’t cover.

Windshield Replacement & Repair Costs: Paying out of Pocket

If you choose to pay for your auto glass repair out of pocket because you don’t have auto glass coverage, you will be responsible for the windshield replacement costs.

How Much Do Windshields Cost?

The average windshield replacement cost is $590. Windshield replacement cost ranged from $180 to $1,000 in 2018-2019.

Rare windshields or those that need to be custom made for a classic, vintage, or collectible vehicles do cost more.

How much of that you pay, if any, depends on your insurance and state you live in.  Some states, like Arizona, have requirements for auto insurance companies to cover the cost of windshield replacement.  People in other states can opt for additional coverage for windshields and pay a slightly higher monthly premium.  This helps avoid having to pay the deductible should they need a windshield replacement.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of A New Windshield?

Several factors affect the cost of a new windshield. The most influential factor in the cost of a replacement windshield is the type of vehicle.

Dealer Only Replacements

Some types of windshields are only available through the dealerships. This is common among luxury vehicles especially. If you own a BMW, Lexus, or a Mercedes the replacement glass is most likely going to have to be ordered from the dealership.

Amount Of Labor Required

Newer vehicles are being equipped with some great technology that makes driving safer. Some of these technologies like lane departure warnings, brake assist technologies, rain sensors, wiper park area, and condensation sensors are installed on the windshield.

These sensors many times are not made to be removed and simply come attached to a replacement windshield. The cost of the sensors is part of what can make the price of a windshield go from around a couple hundred dollars to a considerably higher price.

Vehicles that are older than about 2007 didn’t have these type of sensors or some of the newer technologies and are generally less costly to replace. Vehicles that were produced starting in 2008 and those that are newer may have a wide variety of technology installed, and they are required for the vehicle to run properly.

Aftermarket vs. OEM Replacements

Another big factor when replacing anything on a vehicle, including the windshield, is if you are buying Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. While this is not optional for people with some luxury and performance models, it is an option for most passenger vehicles.

OEM Replacements are certified by the DOT to conform to industry standards and are nearly indistinguishable from the windshields installed at the factories.

Aftermarket windshields are less expensive than the dealership by several hundreds of dollars. These glass companies do not have contracts with auto manufacturers and can be different than the OEM windshields. Things like the thickness of the glass, types of sensors, or tint level can vary when using aftermarket glass.

This work takes the technicians extra time, so it costs a little more. Convertible vehicles also require more time to replace windshields as their mounting is different than regular vehicles.

Get A Free Auto Glass Replacement Or Repair Quote In Arizona

Arizona and some other states offer “no deductible windshield replacement” which means you could get your windshield replaced for free. Furthermore, it is illegal to drive with a cracked windshield in Arizona, so getting your windshield replaced for free can actually save you money versus getting a cracked windshield ticket.

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Schedule Windshield Repair & Replacement With T&S Auto Glass

It’s quick and easy to schedule windshield repair and replacement.  Call to schedule a time to visit our shop in Chandler or have us come to you with our mobile, cheap windshield repair and replacement service.  T&S Auto Glass accepts all major credit cards, insurance draft, checks, and money orders.

Have additional questions about windshield repair or replacement costs in Arizona? Give us a call today to discuss your details. T&S Auto Glass offers windshield repair, windshield replacement, auto glass repair, auto glass replacement, mobile glass and mobile services in Chandler, Arizona.

What Is Windshield Pitting
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Keeping Your Windshield Clear In Winter

Clearing a foggy windshield up isn’t just a case of turning on the defroster. You must balance the moisture and warmth in the car with the dry, cold air on the outside. Too much moisture, and your cabin will reach the “dew point,” causing the windows to fog up. Until the inside is dry, your glass will remain fogged. Read on to learn of some helpful hints to avoid this problem.

  • Dirt on the inside of your windshield gives moisture more to cling to. Use a good glass cleaner to remove any film or dirt that may have collected on your windshield.
  • Before you hit the defroster, give your car’s heating system a few minutes to warm up. The air duct temperature needs to reach about 130 degrees before the defrost mechanism becomes effective. But don’t turn the car on and walk back in the house. That’s how cars get stolen.
  • Fogging occurs when warm, moist air inside the car hits the cold air outside your windshield. Your snowy boots, wet gloves and even that cup of steaming coffee, as well as your breathing create moisture in your car. We don’t recommend holding your breath for the duration of your drive, but if your coats or gloves get wet while clearing off the car, consider putting them in the trunk before heading off.
  • Once you turn the defroster on, turn it up high. You need to cover 90 percent of the glass with air in very poor weather (i.e., freezing rain or snow and very cold temperatures), according to Paul, in order for the defroster to work effectively.
  • Make sure that you are taking in fresh air from the outside of the car (if it’s snowing, clear the outside vents before pulling out of the driveway) by turning the recirculate button off. If you are recirculating air, Paul says that you are simply recirculating your own breath. This means that moisture never leaves the cabin and de-fogging the windows becomes very difficult, if not impossible.

T&S Auto Glass Offers Replacement Windshields in Chandler

When you’re looking for the best windshield repair & replacement in Phoenix, T&S Auto Glass is here to help!  We offer mobile windshield repair anywhere in the Phoenix Valley for your convenience and at our shop in Chandler, AZ.  If you’ve got a cracked windshield, chipped windshield, or need any other type of auto glass repair service call our friendly and professional team.

What Is Windshield Pitting
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Aftermarket Vs. OEM Windshield Glass

If you are searching for the differences between OEM and aftermarket windshields, read on! We will explain what is best for your car.

OEM Windshields

An acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM windshields are made by the same people who provided the original windshield to the automaker when your vehicle was constructed. It means you will be getting a virtually identical windshield. OEM windshields often feature the branding of the automaker.

Aftermarket Windshields

Made by different companies than the OEM or sometimes by the OEM company but on a different production line and to slightly differing specifications. Some of these windshields are comparable to in quality to OEM windshields. Others are not. However, it is certainly a more affordable option for the consumer.

OEM Auto Glass

OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM auto glass is fabricated by the same manufacturer that provided the original glass the automaker placed in your vehicle. OEM glass also has special automaker branding on it.

Aftermarket Auto Glass

Aftermarket auto parts are made by a company other than the original equipment manufacturer. Or by the same OEM company on a different production line. Some of these parts are of similar quality to OEM parts. It is also a far more affordable option.

Pros and Cons of OEM Windshields:

  • Pro: Quality standards set forth by auto manufacturer are met
  • Pro: Fit, finish, and safety should be the same quality as when your car originally rolled off the manufacturing line
  • Con: Generally more costly than aftermarket windshields
  • Con: Insurance may not cover the complete cost of the OEM part

Pros and Cons of Aftermarket Windshields:

  • Pro: Meets or exceeds minimum safety standards set forth by the Department of Transportation
  • Pro: Generally less expensive than OEM glass
  • Con: No quality standards
  • Con: Numerous manufacturers recommend only replacing with OEM glass due to ADAS features

The OEM Vs. Aftermarket Windshields Debate

Is an OEM windshield safer than an aftermarket windshield? There is no agreement in the auto glass industry. You need to speak with educated auto glass personnel who can discuss what would work best for you. They can help you make the best choice for your vehicle because, for some vehicles, an aftermarket windshield will work just fine while other vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Honda and Nissan recommend only using OEM windshields.

T&S Auto Glass Offers Replacement Windshields in Chandler

When you’re looking for the best windshield repair & replacement in Phoenix, T&S Auto Glass is here to help!  We offer mobile windshield repair anywhere in the Phoenix Valley for your convenience and at our shop in Chandler, AZ.  If you’ve got a cracked windshield, chipped windshield, or need any other type of auto glass repair service call our friendly and professional team.

Windshield Crack Repair Cost
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Windshield Crack Repair Cost

The average cost of repairing a windshield crack is $115 with costs ranging depending on the size, location and the kind of vehicle you own from $70 to $263 for the US in 2019.

A cracked windshield can happen so quickly you do not always see it at first even though you hear the dreadful ping sound of a rock or stone bouncing off your windshield

Dealing With A Cracked Windshield

  • Realize a cracked windshield can pose a severe hazard to your safety and the damage can quickly get a lot worse if it is not dealt with in a timely manner.
  • Automotive experts rank the windshield as an automobiles third most important safety feature behind seat belts and airbags.
  • As long as the crack is smaller than a dollar bill it can usually be repaired. Larger than that and you are looking at a full windshield replacement.
  • Ignoring the crack allows debris or dirt to get inside the pit of the crack making it tougher to repair.
  • A small crack can grow, therefore adding to the expense of repair as the window contracts or expands in cold or hot temperatures.

Does Insurance Cover Your Windshield Crack Repair?

Many times windshield crack repair is completely covered by your auto insurance. But be sure to check the terms and conditions carefully. If you have a deductible of more than $200-$250, you may want to choose just funding the repair yourself out of pocket.

What To Ask The Auto Repair Shop?

here are some questions, the strictly non-profit Auto Glass Safety Council recommends you ask when choosing a reputable auto glass repair company.

  • What type of warranty can I expect to get?
  • Do the materials used in your repair process exceed or meet all applicable federal standards of motor vehicle safety?
  • Who is the manufacturer of the adhesive and have they certified you?
  • Do you belong to the Auto Glass Safety Council as a registered member company?
  • How soon once the glass is repaired shall I be able to use my vehicle?

T&S Auto Glass Offers Windshield Crack Repair In Phoenix

T&S Auto Glass Offers windshield crack repair and windshield chip repair In Phoenix, Chandler and other areas. When your side window needs replacing the professionals at T&S Auto Glass are here to help you with their top quality service. Call us today to schedule an appointment! We also offer windshield replacement.

How To Fix A Leaking Windshield
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How To Fix A Leaking Windshield

How To Fix A Leaking Windshield

To fix a leaking windshield you need to find where the leak is and then figure out if you need to repair or replace the seal. If you have noticed condensation, the smell of mildew, notice wet carpet or rust stains, or can actually see water coming through the windshield seals. The next step these days is searching Google for “How to fix a leaking windshield”. If this is happening to you follow this guide to learn how to find and fix leaks in your windshield.

What To Do If Your Windshield Is Leaking

First of all you need to find out where the water is coming from. Water can enter the vehicle at any of the windows, door seals, sunroofs, or a number of other places. Water travels through vehicles under carpet many times and can show up or be noticed far from where it is leaking into the vehicle. Finding the right spot is the trick to stopping water from entering your vehicle and potentially ruining the interior. Read about why its important to repair, what the causes are, how to find the leaks, and how to fix the leaks below.

Importance Of Fixing Windshield Leaks

Vehicles that are not water tight will eventually develop mildew, rust, and mold. All of these things will affect the value of the vehicle and the health of the vehicle’s occupants. Mildew and mold pose serious threats to air quality inside the car and can cause allergic reactions or worse cause serious health problems. For about the last 15 years auto manufacturers have been installing underpadding which emits an odor once it gets wet, to signal drivers that something isn’t right. This helps avoid advanced problems such as rust, mildew, or mold.

Windshield Leak Causes

There are a number of issues that cause leaks in windshields, chief among them is pinholes in the seam located under the molding. While the holes might be small the problems they can cause are not. While today’s auto makers produce vehicles which incorporate the windshield as part of the structure and use advanced urethane seals, leaks are still possible. While urethane seals are very effective if there are skips in the seal from the factory it will allow leaks. In addition windshields that have been replaced by inexperienced technicians might also have problems that lead to leaks.

Common windshield leak problems

  • Pinholes in seam and seal
  • Incomplete urethane factory seal
  • Poor quality windshield replacement

Finding The Source Of Water Leaks

The most frustrating part of having water in your vehicle is that is it isn’t always easy to find the source. While there might be moisture or water in the trunk, it isn’t necessarily where the water is getting into your vehicle. Water can travel through the channels under the seating and carpet and fill up areas far from where it is coming in.

Give The Car A Shower

One way to find leaks in your vehicle is to create your own little rain storm that you can shut off. The best method is to use lower pressure and let the water gently shower down onto the car. High pressure might seem like the faster way to get the job done, but the water bounces off the car and doesn’t come to settle like a natural rainstorm does.

Use Soap As A Signal

Another great trick to finding leaks in your vehicle is to use soap to find the leak where wind can get in or out. Using a wash mitt apply soap all around the windows and then crank the heater blower all the way up on high defrost. With all the windows and doors shut the air will escape through the problem areas blowing little bubbles.

Fixing Leaking Windshields

Once you’ve found your leak it’s time to seal it up. Make sure that you don’t allow anyone to use silicone to seal your windshield, or do it yourself. Silicone expands and contracts with heat and prevents the proper sealants to be applied. Vehicle owners can purchase sealers online and apply them to pinholes to help keep water out. If you’re unsure of how to take care of your windshield leaks or want to make sure you preserve the value of your vehicle, leave windshield repair to the pros.

Windshield Leak Repair

If you live or work in the Chandler, Tempe, or anywhere in the Phoenix Valley and have a leaky windshield we can help!  Leaking windows are annoying and it also can ding the value of a vehicle if the interior is ruined by mold or rust. Preserve the value of your car, truck, or suv by allowing T&S Auto Glass to provide reliable leaky windshield repair. To find out more about our windshield repair services or schedule an appointment please give us a call today! Schedule Windshield Leak Repair Today 480-345-0990 /602-667-3030 /623-878-5566

How Are Windshields Made
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How Are Windshields Made, Manufactured & Sized

During the earliest times of automobiles, cars were made with an open-air design. Because they did not have windshields, drivers would often wear goggles to protect their eyes from debris and wind. This was really inconvenient. During 1904, the windshield would be invented. The windshield would become an important part in protecting people from the elements of the outdoors, especially as the cars had become faster and more powerful. The early type of windshields was made from a glass that would shatter on impact and because this lead to a lot of injuries, then an alternative option was found.

Manufacturers began to make windshields using tempered glass. Tempering is a heat treatment that makes glass much harder and stronger, so that it can resist shattering. This was the main method until around the 1950’s when multilayered laminated glass became popular. Laminated glass is considered to be very strong, being very similar to tempered glass, but it bends slightly on impact which adds more protection from it shattering. Now, Laminated glass windshields are considered to be the top safest auto glass type and it is required by law in most countries including the United States.

What Materials Are A Windshield Made From?

The essential parts of windshield glass are cullet, limestone, dolomite, soda ash, and silica sand. However, there are some small amounts of aluminum oxide and potassium oxide which are sometimes added.

Silica which makes up about 60 to 70% of the glass is the main ingredient and it is what makes the glass well, glass. (Quartz is a glass like substance that happens in nature and it is made from silica.) The Soda ash is what reduces the melting point of the glass mixture. Dolomite makes it easier to work with the melted material while limestone helps to improve the durability of the glass.

It is these ingredients when mixed with a small amount of water and is heated at a high temperature which causes chemical fusion which causes these ingredients to fuse into a new item which is glass.

Why Windshields Are Made Using Laminated Glass

The materials that are used to make a windshield will have some important properties. The glass will need to retain the clarity over a long time. It will also need to be made from strong materials that can provide structural support to the roof if there is a roll-over collision. The windshield also needs to be strong enough that it resists damage during a minor collision, so that the owner of the vehicle will not have to replace it after every small fender bender. The most important property is that the windshield needs to be shatter proof, so that glass shards are not sent flying during a major accident.

Laminated glass is a material that covers all of these requirements. To basic vision, a windshield appears to be basic glass, but laminated glass is made from 3 layers. The inner most layer happens to be made from polyvinyl butyral and it’s stuck in between clear tempered glass.

The design is made to serve a certain purpose. Whenever a small object like a rock strikes the windshield it could crack or chip the glass. However, because of that inner polyvinyl butyral layer, the damage is done to the outside layer of the windshield. Imagine just how dangerous it would be to be driving and every piece of debris or rock hit the windshield; it could shatter the glass. Besides being really dangerous, car owners would constantly have to spend money to replace their windshields. The glass may still need to be replaced or repaired from time to time, but laminated glass helps to provide a more durable and safer glass for vehicles.

Manufacturing Process of Windshields

Most windshields are made using the float method. It is called this because the glass just floats inside of a chamber during one of the steps for manufacturing.

During the first step, the water and ingredients are mixed together in a tank where they are placed under high heat and melted. This molten mixture is then sent through a broad and short opening into a second tank, which is the float chamber. This chamber contains a molten tin layer that is thin which is where the mixture floats.

From the second chamber, the molten glass sheet is then transported by using rollers into the lehr, which is another chamber where the glass is gradually cooled or annealed. The raw glass is what is used to make a windshield.

The annealed glass is then cut into the required size using a diamond cutting tool which is called a scribe. Then it is shaped and tempered, but this is not the last step.

Then the glass sheet is placed into a mold or on a mold with the right shape and curvature and then it is heated to the point where it is soft but not melted and that causes it to sag into or on the mold. Then it will be quickly cooled by jets of cold air. This tempering process really hardens and strengthens the glass.

The last step happens when two tempered glass sheets are put on each side of polyvinyl butyral. These layers are heated inside of an autoclave and then pressed between rollers. This makes the polyvinyl butyral transparent and then fuses the glass and the polyvinyl butyral into a single layer of laminated glass. The polyvinyl butyral is what gives the glass the anti-shatter protection if there is a collision and it also holds the glass shards from traveling at high speeds.

Different moldings, sensors and attachments can be added or made into the glass. These can include everything from multi-use antennas to hydrophobic coatings to rain sensors.

The windshield is now ready to be fitted and then bonded into the frame of a car. Special primers, sealants that have polyurethane and adhesives are used for this.

How Windshields Are Sized

The windshield size actually depends on the vehicle design. During the manufacturing process, sheets of tempered glass are cut using a diamond scribe to fit the glass to the specifications of the manufacturer. The polyvinyl butyral layer is also cut to fit the same size. After the pieces are cut and then molded to the right shape, they may be assembled to make one layer. This process is finished in an autoclave, which is a special oven that uses pressure and heat to bond the layers. The windshield will emerge ready to be installed in the right shape and size as stated by the vehicle manufacturer.

Because the size of the windshield is based on the specifications of the design of the vehicle, there are almost as sizes of windshields as there are car models. It is for this reason that it is almost next to impossible to be able to replace a windshield from one car to another. For safety reasons, this is not a good idea. If you need to replace your windshield, then a new one that fits your vehicle will need to be ordered.

Because of the curve of the windshield it has been made for the design requirements, ant is not possible to cut a larger windshield to fit a car. This could cause a windshield to not have the right curve and it will not fit properly. A windshield should only be replaced with the right size of windshield based on the specifications of the manufacturer. This is on area which there isn’t a repair that may be implemented safely.

Because of the design standards, the windshield sizes are increasing even as tiny cars are being made. The aerodynamic designs of the future allow better visibility and help to increase the safety on the roads. It is predicted that the windshield sizes will continue to increase in relation to the size of a vehicle.

Windshield Repair & Replacement Phoenix, Arizona

T&S Auto Glass offers high quality windshield repair and replacement in Phoenix, Tempe and other cities in the Phoenix Metropolitan area of Arizona. Learn more about our windshield repair & replacement services here.

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