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Aftermarket Vs. OEM Windshield Glass

If you are searching for the differences between OEM and aftermarket windshields, read on! We will explain what is best for your car.

OEM Windshields

An acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM windshields are made by the same people who provided the original windshield to the automaker when your vehicle was constructed. It means you will be getting a virtually identical windshield. OEM windshields often feature the branding of the automaker.

Aftermarket Windshields

Made by different companies than the OEM or sometimes by the OEM company but on a different production line and to slightly differing specifications. Some of these windshields are comparable to in quality to OEM windshields. Others are not. However, it is certainly a more affordable option for the consumer.

OEM Auto Glass

OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM auto glass is fabricated by the same manufacturer that provided the original glass the automaker placed in your vehicle. OEM glass also has special automaker branding on it.

Aftermarket Auto Glass

Aftermarket auto parts are made by a company other than the original equipment manufacturer. Or by the same OEM company on a different production line. Some of these parts are of similar quality to OEM parts. It is also a far more affordable option.

Pros and Cons of OEM Windshields:

  • Pro: Quality standards set forth by auto manufacturer are met
  • Pro: Fit, finish, and safety should be the same quality as when your car originally rolled off the manufacturing line
  • Con: Generally more costly than aftermarket windshields
  • Con: Insurance may not cover the complete cost of the OEM part

Pros and Cons of Aftermarket Windshields:

  • Pro: Meets or exceeds minimum safety standards set forth by the Department of Transportation
  • Pro: Generally less expensive than OEM glass
  • Con: No quality standards
  • Con: Numerous manufacturers recommend only replacing with OEM glass due to ADAS features

The OEM Vs. Aftermarket Windshields Debate

Is an OEM windshield safer than an aftermarket windshield? There is no agreement in the auto glass industry. You need to speak with educated auto glass personnel who can discuss what would work best for you. They can help you make the best choice for your vehicle because, for some vehicles, an aftermarket windshield will work just fine while other vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Honda and Nissan recommend only using OEM windshields.

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