Side Mirror Replacement Cost
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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Side Mirror?

Side Mirror Replacement Cost

The average cost of a side mirror replacement is $388. Side mirror replacement costs ranged from $175 to $600 in the US in 2021. Estimates do not include labor costs, taxes and fees.

Side Mirror Damage

Your side mirror seems like an insignificant fix, but the part can be costly, and its replacement usually takes time for the installation. You could end up paying as much or more for labor as you do for the mirror itself.

Your actual cost is going to depend on the make and model of your vehicle. It is also going to make a difference if the person doing the replacement is using OEM replacement parts or used parts. You might end up paying just as much or more for labor as you are going to for the part itself.

Usually, you can expect to pay between $175 to $600 for a side mirror replacement with a technician or dealership. A lot of vehicle owners are going to pay around $300 for their replacement.

Insurance Claims for Side Mirrors

A lot of vehicle owners probably won’t make an insurance claim for side mirrors. Usually, they find that the cost of their claim is lower or close to their deductible so it’s not going to make sense to file a claim, as they could lose claim-free discounts or go through an increase in their rate. It’s generally best to just pay for the repair yourself and take it to a technician or do it yourself.

However, when the damage to your side mirror happened during an accident with another driver that has been identified. In that situation, you can claim the replacement on the other driver’s insurance, and it should be fully paid. Nevertheless, a lot of side mirror damage happens when the vehicle is unattended, or is the vehicle’s owner fault, so this is uncommon.

Side Mirror Protection

Even though a side mirror replacement is somewhat simple, it’s probably a repair you’d not want to do over and over. Regrettably, side mirrors are a common target of accidents and malicious intent. However, it is possible to take measures to safeguard your side mirror from getting damaged:

  • Steer Clear Of Close Parking: Damage usually occurs when individuals are walking through parking lots or opening vehicle doors. In parking lots, do your best to give plenty of space between your vehicle and other vehicles. Park close to walls or other non-parking areas when possible, or park further away from other vehicles.
  • Fold Your Mirrors In: If your side mirror provides an option to fold in, fold it in each time you park, or when you’re anticipating close quarters. It’s also wise to fold your mirrors in when you’re passing through a car wash.
  • Steer Clear Of Parking On The Street: Mirrors could be struck by passing vehicles on the street, or even turn out to be an easy target for vandalism. Park in your garage at home when you can.
  • Be Careful When Backing Out: Use extra care when backing out of your garage. You might do it every day, but you’re not on ideal cruise control. A lot of side mirrors are struck when pulling out of the garage, particularly if you have to turn when getting out.
  • Be Careful In Close Quarters: Much like backing out, be careful and take your time whenever you’re parking in tight parking spaces.
  • Avoid Abuse Of Mirror Controls: Don’t let children mess around with power mirror controls, since this can wear parts out, leading to internal damages.

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