Difference Between Moonroofs and Sunroofs
Written by craig braddick

Difference Between Moonroofs and Sunroofs

As per Kelley Blue Book a sunroof is a panel on the roof of a vehicle permitting light and air to enter into a vehicle whereas a moonroof is a category of sunroof but the key difference is a moonroof usually had a glass panel which is tinted, not unlike having an additional window on the top of a vehicle. A moonroof may tilt open with the purpose of allowing in fresh air but it will not open totally. To add confusion, sometimes the terms are used interchangably even by industry professionals! Read on to learn more.


Usually made from two panels, either metal or the same material as the ceiling of the vehicle, it can be retracted exposing the panel made from glass. The other panel is made from glass and can either open completely or tilt, serving as an additional window or letting in fresh air with the tilting option. Here are some sunroof types commonlu found on popular vehicles:

  • Pop-Up: A tiliting panel operated manually.
  • Spoiler: Where the panel slides up and then back to provide an opening that is partial.
  • Top-Mount Sliding: The panel slides open on the vehicle exterior from being mounted on rails.
  • Inbuilt/Moonroof: Usually electric and consists of a sliding panel that opens and closes.


Like a sunroof, a moonroof allows light and air into a vehicle by including a sliding shade on the interior of the car or a pane lthat matches the interior of your car so the light can be shut out.

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