What Is Windshield Pitting
Written by craig braddick

Keeping Your Windshield Clear In Winter

Clearing a foggy windshield up isn’t just a case of turning on the defroster. You must balance the moisture and warmth in the car with the dry, cold air on the outside. Too much moisture, and your cabin will reach the “dew point,” causing the windows to fog up. Until the inside is dry, your glass will remain fogged. Read on to learn of some helpful hints to avoid this problem.

  • Dirt on the inside of your windshield gives moisture more to cling to. Use a good glass cleaner to remove any film or dirt that may have collected on your windshield.
  • Before you hit the defroster, give your car’s heating system a few minutes to warm up. The air duct temperature needs to reach about 130 degrees before the defrost mechanism becomes effective. But don’t turn the car on and walk back in the house. That’s how cars get stolen.
  • Fogging occurs when warm, moist air inside the car hits the cold air outside your windshield. Your snowy boots, wet gloves and even that cup of steaming coffee, as well as your breathing create moisture in your car. We don’t recommend holding your breath for the duration of your drive, but if your coats or gloves get wet while clearing off the car, consider putting them in the trunk before heading off.
  • Once you turn the defroster on, turn it up high. You need to cover 90 percent of the glass with air in very poor weather (i.e., freezing rain or snow and very cold temperatures), according to Paul, in order for the defroster to work effectively.
  • Make sure that you are taking in fresh air from the outside of the car (if it’s snowing, clear the outside vents before pulling out of the driveway) by turning the recirculate button off. If you are recirculating air, Paul says that you are simply recirculating your own breath. This means that moisture never leaves the cabin and de-fogging the windows becomes very difficult, if not impossible.

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