How To Fix A Leaking Windshield
Written by craig braddick

Fixing Windshield Leaks

How To Fix A Leaking Windshield

Fixing windshield leaks typically involves identifying the source of the leak and then applying a suitable sealant or adhesive to prevent water from entering the vehicle. Here’s a general guide on how to fix windshield leaks:

  1. Identify the Source: Thoroughly inspect the windshield and surrounding areas to locate the source of the leak. Common areas where leaks occur include the edges of the windshield, damaged seals or gaskets, and cracks or chips in the glass.
  2. Clean the Area: Before applying any sealant, clean the area around the leak thoroughly to remove any dirt, debris, or old sealant. Use a mild detergent and water solution and a clean cloth to wipe the area clean.
  3. Apply Sealant: Depending on the severity and location of the leak, you can use various sealants or adhesives to fix the problem. For small leaks or cracks, you can use a windshield repair kit that typically contains resin and applicators. Follow the instructions provided with the kit to apply the resin to the leak and allow it to cure.
  4. Re-Seal the Windshield: If the leak is caused by damaged seals or gaskets around the windshield, you may need to re-seal the windshield to prevent water from entering. This typically requires removing the old sealant, cleaning the area, and applying a new bead of windshield sealant or adhesive around the edges of the windshield.
  5. Check for Proper Sealing: Once you’ve applied the sealant or adhesive, check for proper sealing by conducting a water test. Use a hose to spray water around the windshield and look for any signs of leaks. If water still enters the vehicle, you may need to reapply the sealant or address any other potential sources of leaks.
  6. Consult a Professional: If you’re unsure about how to fix a windshield leak or if the leak is severe, it’s best to consult a professional auto glass repair technician. They have the expertise and tools necessary to properly diagnose and fix windshield leaks to ensure a watertight seal.
  7. Preventive Maintenance: To prevent future windshield leaks, it’s essential to address any chips, cracks, or damage to the windshield promptly. Regularly inspect the windshield and surrounding seals for signs of wear or damage, and address any issues promptly to prevent leaks from occurring.

Windshield Leak Repair

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