When Someone Breaks Your Car Window!
Written by T&S Auto Glass

How Long To Leave Windshield Tape On

Most say they do not typically enjoy the way the tape looks, but the best option should be to wait at least a minimum of 24 hours after the installation.

The tape is a preventative measure to keep any waters or debris from entering under your window trim. This tape keeps the window still and away from any motion. Also, be sure to not slam your vehicle doors at all for at least 48 hours or so.

Due to the adhesive being “cured” or better yet, drying. Slamming your door during this process may puncture the seal. Be sure that you close your vehicle doors softly and if the weather allows you, you may slightly roll down your windows.

The tape has an obvious reason and is there to hold the glass from moving at all while the caulk sets in place. This caulk is a windshield glue, the sealant that is generally used to attach your windshield to the frame of your vehicle. Of course, as well the tape serves another purpose as it keeps out things such as rain or other materials from entering the adhesive that needs to settle.

Hotter Weather Vs Cold Conditions

When it comes to weather in Arizona, typically it is dry weather. Usually In good safe conditions to have the adhesive settle quicker than usual. Although play it safe and wait up to at least 24 hours.

In the situation where you are in colder climates typically wait upwards to around 72 hours for the adhesive to settle on your windshield. This is an important part of the process of getting your new windshield installed. Patience is a virtue so just wait and the adhesive will settle properly in the allotted time.

Avoid Having A Car Wash

While tape is still actively working its magic on your vehicle, do not take your vehicle through a car wash. Especially higher pressured car washes, these tend to cause more damage than good during this process. This will be due to the high-pressure washing system to force your glue to peel off or away which in short makes you head back to your shop to have the problem resolved yet again. On the other hand, you can easily choose to manually wash your car, and this shouldn’t cause any damages to your vehicle.


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