What Types of Glass Is Used In Car Windows
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What Types Of Glass Is Used In Car Windows?

Typically, modern windshields are created from laminated safety glass, which is a treated glass and usually combines two curved glass sheets and a plastic lamina ted layer between for safety. They are then bonded to the window frame. Whereas, windshields for motorbikes are commonly created with high-impact acrylic plastic or poly-carbonate.

Car Glass

Car glass includes the rear and side windows, and a windscreen. Sometimes, there may be a glass roof. The side windows can be fixed, or a power or hand cranked window allowing it to be raised and lowered. A powered sunroof is a retractable and transparent window that can be fixed, powered or manually open.

There are models which provide sun blinds for the rear side and rear windows. Also, window shields are a feature which provides additional protection and safety from debris, while providing the driver more comfort. Most car glass uses a glass run channel to hold it in place, this also helps contain glass fragments if glass is broken.

The majority of car models today use laminated glass due higher safety and protection as it will not shatter into sharp pieces.

Car Windshields

The purpose of a windshield is to protect the occupants from debris, including insects, dust, and the wind while providing aerodynamic windows in the front. Windshields may have UV coatings added for protection against ultraviolet radiation. Although, this is typically unnecessary due to laminated safety glass absorbing the majority of UV-B. Whereas, the UV-B that remains, along with most UV-A gets absorbed by a PVB bonding layer.

The glass on a motorbike has the main purpose of shielding riders from wind, but less effectively than a car. On a racing or sports motorcycle, the main purpose is to reduce drag, providing an optimal aerodynamic design with his/her body, rather than shielding against wind when sitting up.

The Different Types of Auto Glass

The difference in glass used in your home and your windshield are very different. Unless your home has specially fabricated windows, when home window glass breaks it will shatter, creating very sharp pieces that can be harmful. Whereas, safety glass of car windows does not shatter, and designed to eliminate sharp pieces.

Auto glass is either laminated or tempered. Typically, auto glass deigned for the rear and front side windows and the rear window will be tempered glass, while laminated glass is used for windshields.

Laminated Glass

It is possible to trace laminated glass back to the 1920’s, as two glass sheets were placed together using a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) sheet between the layers. Then, fusing the layers together with extreme heat, the laminated safety glass was introduced.

Although laminated glass can break, it eliminates the shards from flying off in a collision. Laminated glass is fabricated to endure extreme impacts without shattering. Therefore, increasing passenger safety by eliminating potential injury of flying glass. Also, if a passenger is thrown into the windshield, laminated glass acts as a barrier.

Laminated glass is extensively used within the auto industry, but it may be applied for other applications where potential impact could occur. For this reason, many store and shop windows use laminated glass.

Tempered Glass

While the rear window and door windows can be created from laminated glass, there is less potential of human impact during a crash. For this reason, most models use tempered glass for these windows. Tempered auto glass is fabricated as a one-ply product, treated using a process of rapid heating and cooling. If tempered glass breaks, it shatters into thousands of non-sharp pebble like pieces, rather than sharp dangerous pieces.

Like with laminated glass, tempered glass can also be used outside of the auto industry. For instance, tempered glass is ideal for products such as cooking and baking dishes, cellphone screens, and sunglasses. Because of the fabrication process, tempered glass is strong and hard compared to untreated glass with the same thickness. Due to the overall structure of laminated glass, it is able to be repaired due to a small crack or chip, but when tempered glass breaks it will have to be replaced.

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