How To Fix A Leaking Windshield
Written by craig braddick

When Someone Breaks Your Car Window!

When Someone Breaks Your Car Window!

So you have been the unfortunate victim of someone who has smashed a window or the windshield of your car? While it will be a shock here are a few things you can do to get back on the road.


Before calling the police document the scene by taking photos and list anything that is missing.


Make sure you do not move your vehicle so an officer, upon their arrival, can see the scene for itself. The police will ask for your vehicle registration, insurance card and drivers license as they make their report. Obtain a copy of their report before they leave the scene.


If credit cards are missing you will want to cancel them and should let your bank know. Also let your cell phone company know if your phone has been stolen. It may also be a good idea to contact the three big credit bureaus so they place a ninety day fraud alert.


Finally, reach out to a certified auto glass shop approved by your insurance to get the window replaced.

Windshield Leak Repair

If you live or work in the Chandler, Tempe, or anywhere in the Phoenix Valley and have a leaky windshield we can help!  Leaking windows are annoying and it also can ding the value of a vehicle if the interior is ruined by mold or rust. Preserve the value of your car, truck, or suv by allowing T&S Auto Glass to provide reliable leaky windshield repair. To find out more about our windshield repair services or schedule an appointment please give us a call today! Schedule Windshield Leak Repair Today 480-345-0990 /602-667-3030 /623-878-5566

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