When To Replace Your Windshield
Written by craig braddick

When To Replace Your Windshield

Your windshield is your cars primary restraint serving as protection from the outside and from the inside. It is made from two layers of glass bonded together with lamination or vinyl. The vinyl holds everything in place should the windshield break. Therefore it is vital not to compromise on it. Read on to learn more.

Location Of The Crack

Cracks located at the edge of the windshield have a tendency to spread quickly and weaken the structural integrity of the glass. If the crack hasn’t spread yet, repair is possible. Otherwise, replacement is recommended. The worst location for a crack is directly in the driver’s line of sight. In such case, immediate replacement is necessary since repairing can cause glass distortion and distortion in any degree is dangerous.

Size Of The Crack

Many windshield repair shops are capable of repairing cracks up to three inches long, and rock chips that are no bigger than the size of a quarter (around one inch in diameter). If it’s bigger than that, the recommendation will be replacement. Unless it’s one of those few facilities which have advanced equipment and make use of special techniques, then it will be possible to repair wider chips and cracks that are up to 12 inches long.

Severity Of Damage

If your windshield has more than three cracks or a very deep crack, replace. If your vehicle was involved in a major collision, or was hit by a large object, replacement is recommended because a major impact will most often result in weakening of your windshield’s glass and supporting frame.


Regardless of the characteristics of the crack, the common consensus is to have it dealt with as soon as possible. If not, dirt and moisture can accumulate in the damaged area, making its condition worse. And then you’ll have no choice but to have your windshield replaced when initially, repair should have been sufficient.

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