What Is Windshield Pitting
Written by craig braddick

Windshield Pitting Issues

Many people will know what windshield pitting is without knowing what it is! Have you ever driven own the road and when the sun hits the windshield at a certain angle, suddenly become blinded? Or have you noticed specks or glares on your windshield in certain areas? If so, you probably have windshield pitting. Read on to learn more.

The Causes Of Windshield Pitting

Windshield pitting is caused by debris, sand and dusr. These elements hit your car windshield when you are driving and become embedded in the windshield since you are driving at reasonably high speeds. The wear happens faster than you can imagine, especially if you utilize the highway on your way to work every day. Of course the greater amount of vehicles on the highway also plays a factor! Over time this may completely obstruct the visibility the driver of the car has!

What Does It Do?

Windshield pitting causes small craters in your windshield These craters distort the light coming in the windshield. When the sun hits a crater, the light reflects in different directions as it hits each surface in the pit. Even with just one crater in your windshield, which is rare, if the light hits it just the right way it will blind you. The small craters and pits can also render your windshield wipers ineffective or cause damage to them. If a pitted windshield causes your windshield wiper blades to lose their shape or even break apart, they can damage your windshield but could also allow water to flow through when you need them in a downpour. It’s important to get your windshield checked if you’re noticing any obstructions to your vision, specifically when light hits your windshield in just the right way. If you’re blinded anytime while you’re driving, be safe and get the windshield inspected.

Dealing With Windshield Pitting

There’s not an acceptable repair for pitted/worn auto glass. The best repair is to replace the windshield. Attempts to polish the glass, will make it uneven and could pose an even more significant problem. While minor cracks can sometimes just be repaired, that is not the case with a pitted windshield.

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