Power Window Repair Cost
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Power Window Repair Costs 2022

Power Window Repair Cost

The average power window repair cost is $200 with the average power window repair cost ranging from $100 to $300 in 2022, according to iSeeCars.com. Your estimated price will depend on the type of power window you have.

Power windows are awesome, right? Nothing is worse than a car sitting in the blistering sun all day, then getting in and needing to dissipate the 200 degree air that lingers in it, and needing to hand-crank each one of the windows to find relief. The push of a button makes life much easier and cools things off a lot faster. But when you push the button, and nothing happens that’s when matters can really get distressing. There are many things that could cause failure. There might be a failed relay; shortage in the wiring; or, the window motor may have just gone out. If the motor for your vehicle has gone out, here’s what it’s going to take to repair it.

What All is Replaced?

Hopefully, only the window motor. Most know that in the automotive industry, nevertheless, there are potentially unfortunate incidents that may happen. The first thing that needs to be looked at, is the inoperable window still up, or at least somewhat up, position? If it is, then you most likely won’t need to be concerned about replacing the window. When there is a failure in the window motor, they will just stop in one position, with the window in place when the failure happened. But, sometimes when the window regulator fails or the motor fails the window may shoot downward quickly. If this happens the window could possibly fall into the door itself and break. There will be other times when you will be replacing the regulator in addition to the motor. The reason is that the two come as a single unit on specific models. The tech should be able to let you know if you have one of them.

What if it’s Just the Motor?

The average time it takes in replacing a power window motor is two and a half hours. This averages to around $120 to $150 in labor time in addition to the cost of the motor itself. This can typically bring the whole job to a total of somewhere between $200 to $300, subject to the make and model. Bear in mind, nevertheless, these are average labor times. There are a lot of models of which labor times edge up into the four to five hour areas. Expect for the labor cost to hike up somewhere from $100 to $200 in these instances.

What if the Regulator is Part of the Motor?

You are going to be around the same area concerning labor times. It will be the cost of parts that causes your bill to increase here. A lot of aftermarket parts manufacturers do not provide the window motors that come as a unit in addition to the regulator. There is only one option for the everyday consumer – purchasing parts from the dealership. What could have been a $50 aftermarket window motor turned into a $300 window motor/ regulator combination from the dealer. If this is the kind of motor in which the model sitting in your garage is comes with, expect to spend a bit of money on this useful little combination bundle.

(Don’t forget these repair prices may also waver based on location, in addition to vehicle make and model; and these numbers demonstrate averages, not actual cost provided at any repair shop.)

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