Windshield Crack Repair Costs 2022
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Windshield Chip Repair Kits

As you drive down the road, a shower of pebbles pelts your windshield—yikes! Although the multi-layered tempered glass rescued your left eye, it also produced an ugly crater in the middle of your window.

Common windshield chips, as ugly and unpleasant as they are, rarely cause serious harm to a vehicle’s internal layers of glass. Often, a $20 DIY windshield repair kit can fix those annoying glass chips. However, amateur auto glass repairers may not be able to repair all damage. What criteria do you use to determine which option is best for you?

Pros and Cons of Windshield Repair Kits

Are you worried about the cost of replacing a cracked windshield? Don’t worry; typical car window repair products are inexpensive and may be obtained online 

Even for beginners, repairing a chipped windshield is rather simple. Typical chip repair kits include UV-activated epoxy and resin, curing strips, suction plungers, and a simple scraping tool, If you follow the instructions, you should have a windshield that looks almost new.

Windshield repair kits are also convenient. The entire procedure normally takes less than 2 hours, with curing time accounting for up to 90% of the total project time. Although a vehicle glass repair service guarantees a perfect windshield, you may have to wait a little longer.

Chip-repair materials can be just as effective as the instruments used by mobile windshield repairers, and at a fraction of the expense. There’s no need for a car glass doctor to come to your house when you simply put on some vinyl gloves and make a simple repair yourself.

Cons of Windshield Repair Kits

If you attempt to repair a windshield crack or chip yourself, you risk voiding your vehicle’s warranty. You might be in big danger, both financially and ethically, if any more damage or personal injuries occur as a result of shoddy repairs. You’ll get a full guarantee on parts and labor if you get your vehicle glass fixed by a certified body shop like Northside Ford.

It is not possible to redo the filling of a windshield chip or crack if you make a mistake. During the repair procedure, there are a few easy but crucial measures to follow, and if they aren’t followed to the letter, you may detect flaws or opaque spots around the mended section. You may be required to purchase a new windshield in addition to the repair kit at that point.

Windshield repair kits can only fix small glass damage such as bullseye chips. Most auto body shops have the instruments necessary to fix more serious damage, such as long windshield cracks, starburst chips, and spiderweb cracks.

Cracks and chips around the wipers are almost always unrepairable. These places are prone to re-cracking due to persistent pressure from windshield wipers. In most circumstances, a complete windshield replacement rather than a chip repair will be recommended by your vehicle glass repair pros.

Did you know that your auto insurance carrier may cover all windshield repairs without raising your rates or forcing you to pay a deductible? (That is, if the repairs are done at a recognized auto body shop, they will pay for them.) Having a professional repair your window cracks lowers the insurance company’s risk of liability in the event of a future collision. If your insurance company provides this “free” benefit, take advantage of it!

To DIY Your Windshield Chip Or Not To DIY Your Windshield Chip?

It’s an unwritten rule of the road that rocks will chip and fracture your windshield at some time. And when it does, you’ll have to figure out how to deal with it. Do you want to save some money and time by doing it yourself? Do you want the job done correctly, or do you want it done quickly? It’s entirely up to you (unless your windshield problems are more serious, in which case you should call us).

What To Ask The Auto Repair Shop?

here are some questions, the strictly non-profit Auto Glass Safety Council recommends you ask when choosing a reputable auto glass repair company.

  • What type of warranty can I expect to get?
  • Do the materials used in your repair process exceed or meet all applicable federal standards of motor vehicle safety?
  • Who is the manufacturer of the adhesive and have they certified you?
  • Do you belong to the Auto Glass Safety Council as a registered member company?
  • How soon once the glass is repaired shall I be able to use my vehicle?

T&S Auto Glass Offers Windshield Crack Repair In Phoenix

T&S Auto Glass Offers windshield crack repair and windshield chip repair In Phoenix, Chandler and other areas. When your side window needs replacing the professionals at T&S Auto Glass are here to help you with their top quality service. Call us today to schedule an appointment! We also offer windshield replacement.

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