Windshield Crack Repair Cost
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Windshield Crack Repair Cost

The average cost of repairing a windshield crack is $115 with costs ranging depending on the size, location and the kind of vehicle you own from $70 to $263 for the US in 2019.

A cracked windshield can happen so quickly you do not always see it at first even though you hear the dreadful ping sound of a rock or stone bouncing off your windshield

Dealing With A Cracked Windshield

  • Realize a cracked windshield can pose a severe hazard to your safety and the damage can quickly get a lot worse if it is not dealt with in a timely manner.
  • Automotive experts rank the windshield as an automobiles third most important safety feature behind seat belts and airbags.
  • As long as the crack is smaller than a dollar bill it can usually be repaired. Larger than that and you are looking at a full windshield replacement.
  • Ignoring the crack allows debris or dirt to get inside the pit of the crack making it tougher to repair.
  • A small crack can grow, therefore adding to the expense of repair as the window contracts or expands in cold or hot temperatures.

Does Insurance Cover Your Windshield Crack Repair?

Many times windshield crack repair is completely covered by your auto insurance. But be sure to check the terms and conditions carefully. If you have a deductible of more than $200-$250, you may want to choose just funding the repair yourself out of pocket.

What To Ask The Auto Repair Shop?

here are some questions, the strictly non-profit Auto Glass Safety Council recommends you ask when choosing a reputable auto glass repair company.

  • What type of warranty can I expect to get?
  • Do the materials used in your repair process exceed or meet all applicable federal standards of motor vehicle safety?
  • Who is the manufacturer of the adhesive and have they certified you?
  • Do you belong to the Auto Glass Safety Council as a registered member company?
  • How soon once the glass is repaired shall I be able to use my vehicle?

T&S Auto Glass Offers Windshield Crack Repair In Phoenix

T&S Auto Glass Offers windshield crack repair and windshield chip repair In Phoenix, Chandler and other areas. When your side window needs replacing the professionals at T&S Auto Glass are here to help you with their top quality service. Call us today to schedule an appointment! We also offer windshield replacement.

Written by T&S Auto Glass

How To Fix And Stop A Long Windshield Crack From Spreading

If you’re searching for “how to stop a windshield crack from spreading” or “how to fix a long cracked windshield”, this post will help!

Getting a crack in your windshield can sour just about any day. It ruins the look of your vehicle, blocks your view for driving, and can quickly spread. This post will show you how to stop a windshield crack from spreading, and what to do next.

There are easy ways to stop the crack from spreading and getting worse.  When a small rock from the vehicle in front of you is thrown up, it can create a star break at the impact location. Initially, this crack may be small, but as it spread it can reduce your visibility. Luckily, there are many straightforward and affordable methods to stop a windshield crack from spreading.

To stop a crack from getting worse, the first step to take is preventing stressors, such as water, dirt, or other debris to enter the crack. By using clear tape, you can help keep the crack lean in normal driving conditions, but it won’t hold up under severe weather or a car wash.

Although professionals can provide windshield chip and crack repair services, there are many situations that can be handled easily with a DIY approach, all you need is the correct materials and some patience. Below are some other methods for keeping cracks from spreading.

1.   Buy a Windshield Repair Kit

To repair a crack yourself, first go to your local auto part store and get a windshield repair kit. While there are different kits, they usually contain a specialized resin and an adaptor. The resin gets forced in the crack and seals it from outside debris and elements. This reduces stressors on the glass while preventing additional spreading. Bore a small hole through the top layer of glass at one end of the crack, using a 1/16-inch drill bit. Then, force the resin from the repair kit into the seam.

2.   Hold Glass in Place with Super Glue

If the imperfection is tiny, you can use standard cyanoacrylate glue, more commonly known as Super Glue. You can apply it by forcing it into the crack, or by scratching spreading in an even layer. Once dried, it will help keep both sides of the crack together, and reduces additional spreading.

3.   Nail Polish for a Temporary Fix

There have been some who reported being successful with clear acrylic nail polish as a temporary fix. First, clean the debris from the crack, and liberally apply nail polish to both the inside and outside of the crack, and the outer areas where cracks could spread. This can help hold glass together for a short period, giving time to schedule with a repair shop. Don’t forget, both the Super Glue and nail polish techniques are short-term, temporary corrections to give you time to get a professional inspection.

4.   Park in the Shade

The summer heat can quickly increase the temperature within your car, which increases the pressure on your windshield. Although, there are other factors that can increase the risk of spreading, such as rain and wind of severe weather, and the weight of snow. By parking in the shade, you will lower the impact of temperature change, and other factors. When possible, parking inside a garage will help by lowering the stress on the cracked windshield.

5.   Get Expert Advice

It is important that you speak with a windshield repair expert, as they have the required knowledge, experience, tools, and materials to assist with temporarily repairing your cracked windshield. They may have the ability to preserve the cracks size, to make it look smaller than it really is as well.

6.   Hiring a Professional

After assessing the crack, if it was determined a DIY repair kit would not be enough to repair the crack and keep it from spreading, you should give us a call and T&S Autoglass! Our professionals are on hand to help you repair or replace your windshield to get you safely back on the road!

  • It is best if you take action sooner, rather than later when it comes to a cracked windshield. A complex crack or imperfection over 6-inches can impact visibility, and lower the windshields overall strength. You should not wait until the crack is larger.
  • In addition, the smaller the crack is, the easier and cheaper it will be to correct. By waiting too long to have it repaired, the issue could get worse. If a crack gets to a point where it is not able to be repaired, it will require replacing the whole windshield.

Dangers of Windshield Cracks

It is common for drivers to consider a cracked windshield as a simple annoyance, and the problem does not get the deserved attention it needs. It is recommended by both safety experts and traffic officials to take corrective action right away.

  • In addition to giving protection against road debris and other elements as you drive, the windshield has a major safety role in accidents. Its role is to direct impact force during front-end collisions down to the chassis, this is referred to as the forward crumple zone. It is designed to minimize the effect an impact has on the vehicles interior, providing protection for passengers.
  • In the case of a collision, a chipped or cracked windshield is not able to provide the full protection as designed. Because of this, there are many state inspection facilities which do not pass vehicles that have a windshield with a crack over a specific area or size. This helps ensure the correct visibility and safety. Although, a small crack does not require the windshield to be replaced.
  • By taking action quickly, you can save money, prevent damages from getting worse, and remain on the road safely.

Can You Stop A Windshield Crack From Spreading?

Whether your cracked windshield can be repaired depends on the severity, size, and location of the crack.  Cracks up to about three inches in length can be repaired most times, as long as it’s not in the driver’s line of sight.  When windshield cracks are repaired there is some slight distortion in the glass that may interfere with visibility.  Chips that are about the size of a quarter or smaller are also possible to repair without needing windshield replacement.  If your windshield crack is longer than 3 inches you will likely need to have a new windshield installed.  In Arizona the law forces car insurance companies to provide free windshield replacement.  Because of this we encourage our customers to get a new windshield any time there’s a crack.

Evaluating the Crack

Small damages may be called a stress crack, chip, bulls-eye or star break, which depends on the shape and size of the imperfection. No matter what shape or size, eventually cracks will spread outward. This happens due to the glass expanding and contracting due to temperature change and pressure.

First, you want to inspect the windshield to evaluate the crack and determine its condition. If it is a tiny crack, you may be able to repair it with a kit. If it is too large to be fixed by a kit, you should take it to a shop for repairs or replacement in situations it is beyond repair.

To determine which method is best, measure the depth and size of the flaw. Cracks that are approximately a foot long, half an inch or more wide, or the crack has been there for a while, the windshield should be replaced.

Windshield Repair & Replacement In Phoenix & Chandler

If you have a crack in your windshield T&S Auto Glass can help you fix it for little to no cost to you.  Arizona drivers that have full coverage car insurance many times are able to get free windshield replacement.  It’s easy to schedule a time to come to our shop for repair or we offer mobile windshield repair in Chandler or anywhere in the Phoenix Valley.  When you have a chip or crack in your windshield trust the pros at T&S Auto Glass.

How Long Can You Drive With Cracked Windshield In Arizona
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How Long Can You Drive With Cracked Windshield In Arizona?

If you are wondering whether you can get a ticket for driving with a cracked windshield, this post should help!

Safety Tips and Laws On Cracked Windshields

How Long Can I Drive with a Windshield Crack In Arizona

Does this sound like you? “My windshield is cracked but I am going to continue to drive it as long as possible so I don’t have to spend the money to repair it right away”. Well, you are not alone, 1,000’s of people are driving with cracked windshields everyday! Although, just because you can still see through the windshield doesn’t mean it is safe to do or legal.

Safety Issues with cracked windshields in Arizona

You windshield not only provides visibility while driving but it also support the structure of your vehicle. For example: If you had a roll-over accident without a windshield, the crash could nearly crush the entire top of the car closest to your head. Even small cracks or chips are enough for your windshield to lose its structural integrity. Also, your windshield acts as a force re-distributor. If you were to get into a front end collision, your windshield causes the force to move downwards instead of straight towards you or your passengers.

Your windshield also has a built in safety feature that prevents glass from flying around if you are in an accident. Even small cracks and chips can damage this safety feature leaving you in immediate danger if you were to even get into a minor accident.

The windshield in your vehicle also holds your air bags in place. If your windshield glass is damaged, the air bags could deploy incorrectly.

One of the purposes of your windshield is to actually provide you with additional protection should an accident occur. Aside from keeping bugs, dirt and the wind out of your eyes while driving, a windshield also acts as a barrier between you and the possibility of you flying through it”. Centennial Glass

Arizona Cracked Windshield Replacement Law 

It is illegal to drive with a cracked windshield that impairs the vision of the driver according to Arizona’s cracked windshield replacement law. Know your local laws for your state about cracked windshields.

“Any crack over 1/4″ wide should be fixed or replaced. Any crack under 1/4″ is OK to drive with in Arizona. See § 393.60. This criteria applies to the driver’s side of the vehicle and does not talk about the passenger side of the windshield”.

Arizona’s windshield law states, “Set by D.O.T., state traffic laws extend beyond the minimum requirements. Every state windshield-visibility law states that windshield damage cannot impair a driver’s vision. In some states, including Arizona and Florida, the kind of damage which qualifies as visual impairment is not actually defined, but is left up to the law-enforcement officer to decide“.  ICC COLLISION CENTER

How long can you drive a car with a windshield crack in Arizona?

There is no time limit on how long you can drive with a cracked windshield. A better question is, “how long can you drive a car with a cracked windshield before getting pulled over by a police officer and given a ticket?”.

Can I get a ticket for driving with a cracked windshield?

Yes you can get a ticket for driving with a cracked windshield in Arizona. The average ticket in Arizona for driving with a cracked windshield can be anywhere from $100 to $150. So, save yourself the money and get your windshield replaced right away. There are even insurance companies in Arizona that offer free windshield replacement without paying a deductible. If you are planning on buying auto insurance soon, make sure and get the windshield and glass coverage.

This is a very scary situation for any driver. Before you do replace your windshield consider the following:

How big is the chip or crack?

Very small chips and cracks aren’t a huge risk unless they impair your driving vision in any way. A windshield with a large spider crack should be replaced right away, due to the fact that it is unsafe and a bulls-eye for police officers.

Where the crack is located?

As mentioned in the previous sentence, if the crack or chip impairs your view from the driving seat, it should not be driven again until it is fixed or risk the safe safety or legal issues. With free windshield replacement in Arizona and mobile windshield replacement specialist that can come to your home or office, there is no excuse for risking your safety or costing yourself more money by not replacing your windshield.

How much does windshield replacement cost In Tempe & Phoenix, Arizona?

  • Windshield replacement in Arizona will cost you anywhere from $0 to $600 dollars depending on your type of windshield and if there are any electrical components installed in them for HUD etc.
  • Cracks ranging a foot or less will cost you anywhere from $10 to $65.
  • Cracks ranging a foot or longer will cost you anywhere from $65 to $85.

If you live in the Tempe, AZ area and need windshield replacement services, look no further than the trusted windshield repair professionals at T&S Auto Glass.