When Should You Replace Your Windshield
Written by craig braddick

Common Windshield Replacement Mistakes

No-one wants a broken windshield. But trying to save money instead of replacing it correctly may endanger your health and be a further expense. Read on to learn more.

Ignoring the Problem

A simple chip in the glass can turn into a crack over some time. You might want to wait to get a windshield replacement to save some cash. In fact, it costs you less to get a replacement right away than prolong it and pay for worse damages. Besides, the longer you wait to replace your windshield, the higher the risk of the car roof collapsing, since the windshield is what holds it in place.

Replacing the Windshield At-Home Without a Professional’s Help

Some people think that they can replace their own windshield at home without any expert’s help. But let us be honest, you have no idea what you are doing. First, you cannot be 100% sure the windshield you ordered is new other than the claim of the individual you ordered it from. Second, you do not have the tools it takes to put a windshield in place on your own the way professional auto glass shops do.

Using DIY Auto Glass Repair Kits Instead of Replacing the Damaged Glass

Similarly, some people try the Do It Yourself (DIY) method. Though, while these might work for the smallest of windshield damages, they do not work on big damaged windshields. Attempting to use a DIY kit instead of getting a windshield replacement is not going to fix anything. Even if the kit hides the problem for a while, the problem will still be there.

Using Crazy Glue and/or Nail Polish to Keep the Broken Glass Together

Some drivers have the oh-so-brilliant idea to use crazy glue or nail polish to fix their windshield. Yet, using crazy glue on your broken windshield is not going to keep it in place. Sure, you stuck two broken pieces together, but the glass is still weak, and it will bend and shatter if not dealt with properly. Same thing with nail polish.

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T&S Auto Glass Offers Replacement Windshields in Chandler

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